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Data Science and Technology Policy

Exponential growth in our ability to generate and analyze data and in the production of emerging technologies has provided critical insights for national and global security, economic development, health care innovation, infrastructure resilience, communication, and the connections between people and their governments.

As new technologies rapidly emerge, we guide policymakers and educate students in the development and evaluation of public policies at the intersection of technology and society.


Faculty Spotlight

Sarah Kreps

Sarah Kreps

John L. Wetherill Professor; Director, Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute

Sarah Kreps focuses on the intersection of international politics, technology, and national security. She is the John L. Wetherill Professor in the Department of Government, Adjunct Professor of Law, and the Director of the Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute.

Course Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics, and Politics

Course details: In the coming decades machine intelligence will transform the economy, society, and global politics. This course will study these processes and the political challenges to the development of beneficial AI. Topics will include problems in AI safety; effects on- and of inequality and technological unemployment; the strategic and tactical impacts of autonomous weapons, cyberweapons, and AI-enabled intelligence operations; global institutions for providing global public goods, the legitimate aggregation of preferences, and the beneficial governance of AI development.

News Spotlights