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PhD Student Awards

Winners of the Brooks School of Public Policy Outstanding PhD Student Awards


Brooks Awards for Outstanding Research Paper

This award honors an outstanding paper written by a PhD student who is funded by the Brooks School. Submissions are evaluated based on the potential for innovation and impact in the field of public policy.

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Yaling Xu
“Mobile Internet and Mental Health”

Brooks Awards for Outstanding Teaching

This annual award recognizes outstanding teaching by PhD Teaching Assistants for the Brooks School of Public Policy.


Yongxin Shang headshot in front of white background

Yongxing Shang
PADM 5310 Applied Multivariate Statistics in Public Affairs, Fall 2023

Jackie Blair in front of white background

Jackie Blair
PUBPOL 2101 Statistics for Public Policy, Fall 2023

Gabrielle Sorresso outside

Gabrielle Sorreso
PUBPOL 2030 Population and Public Policy, Spring 2024

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Jessica Lu
PUBPOL 2100 Introduction to Statistics, Spring 2024

Brooks Public Engagement Awards

This award honors outstanding contributions to public engagement by a PhD student who is funded by the Brooks School. Submissions are evaluated based on evidence of impact and engagement on policy-relevant matters.


Kaya Jones in front of red background

Kayla Jones for her work with the Montgomery County Council on inequities in the housing market, her participation in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation annual economic summit on issue of affirmative action in higher education, and her discussion of economic mobility at the Sadie T.M. Alexander Conference for Economics and Related Fields.

Brooks Exemplary Service Award

This award recognizes a Brooks PhD Student who has a demonstrated track record of exemplary service to the Brooks School community.


Gabrielle Sorresso outside

Gabrielle Sorreso for her services as the President of the Graduate Students in Public Policy, her broader contributions to graduate student development, and her leadership and management in assistance to Brooks faculty and undergraduate students.

Brooks School Racial Equity Research Grants

The grant will support planned or ongoing student research that is rigorous and intellectually ambitious and addresses pressing questions that will advance racial equity in public policy.


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Amaya Gaines to study how intersectional policy analysis can be applied to state-level anti-poverty programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and to better understand regional variation in anti-poverty policy.