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The Tech Policy Institute during a team-building event in 2022

Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute

From the White House to the Pentagon, the United Nations to NATO our multidisciplinary team of expert researchers work with policy makers and industry leaders to navigate emerging technological opportunities, and devise meaningful solutions to our common challenges in technology policy.

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“U.S. Global Hawk 'Eye in the Sky' Is Watching Ukraine's Counteroffensive”

See the latest comments for @Newsweek by our incoming Exec Director @DrJamesRogers: @CornellBPP #drones #Ukraine #technology

Can ChatGPT be Weaponized?

Join @CornellTPL Director @sekreps for a lecture at @ANUBellSchool on the national security implications and perils of AI-generated texts in democratic societies 👇

A new report on the terrorist use of drones by our incoming Executive Director @DrJamesRogers, @ConflictArm, & @UN_OCT, was launched at the UN HQ in New York as part of @UN Counter Terrorism Week.

Watch the launch & key finding here: @CornellBPP #drones

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Sarah Kreps

Sarah Kreps

Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute
Man smiling at camera wearing a blue button up shirt

James Patton Rogers

Incoming Executive Director
Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute