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Curriculum Sheets

Brooks School Curriculum Sheets

Curriculum sheets match the official program requirements listed in the Brooks Courses of Study for the year you joined the Brooks School. Curriculum sheets are a resource to keep track of your major requirements. Use your curriculum sheet in conjunction with your advisement report to plan your course sequencing.

View your specific curriculum sheet here


Which curriculum sheet year should I follow?

Unless you have requested to switch to a newer curriculum year, you should follow the curriculum sheet in effect at the time you entered the program.

Can I change my curriculum sheet year?

There is a new curriculum sheet for every new matriculating first year class. Though changes to each year’s curriculum sheet are typically small, there may be some advantage to switching.

You may request to follow a newer curriculum year by emailing Please include your 7 digit Cornell ID in the body of your email.  

NOTE: You may only switch to a newer curriculum sheet. You may not switch to an older curriculum sheet. Once you switch to a newer curriculum sheet, you are NOT permitted to switch back.  Be sure before you make a change. You are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor before changing your curriculum sheet.

Effective fall 2023, students can no longer declare the Policy Analysis and Management (PAM) Major. If you are an existing PAM student, you have the option of completing the current curriculum requirements, or changing your major to Public Policy.

Can I mix and match requirements from two or more different years?

In most cases, no, you cannot mix and match requirements from multiple curriculum sheet years.

However, for the following requirements we will allow students to count courses that were added to the exact same requirement on a more recent curriculum year.

  • Health Care Policy – Social policy requirement 
  • Health Care Policy – Health care and health policy requirement 
  • Health Care Policy – Upper level focus area requirement 
  • Health Care Policy – Ethics requirement 
  • Public Policy – Ethics requirement 
  • Policy Analysis and Management – Ethics requirement 

What if a course on the curriculum sheet is not available?

In some cases courses are only offered once a year or once every other year. You should work with the academic advisors in the Office of Enrollment and Student Services to plan your courses accordingly.  

In the rare and extenuating circumstance that a required course for the major is unavailable unexpectedly or for an extended period of time, the program will work to coordinate an appropriate course substitution or waiver. 

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