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Dual MHA/MBA Program

The Cornell MHA/MBA is an 90-credit, 24-month dual degree program offered by Sloan and the SC Johnson College of Business. A summer immersion at Johnson is followed by two semesters at Johnson and two semesters at Sloan.

The Johnson MBA provides a solid base in all the functional areas of business-accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations management, strategy and leadership. In addition, the school offers the flexibility to tailor your own curriculum and the opportunity to develop expertise in specialized areas that, when combined with healthcare, can provide unique and highly valuable strengths.

The Sloan MHA delivers a comprehensive foundation in the health field and, like Johnson, encourages you to tailor your program to your own goals. Specialized health focused courses are offered, including finance, organizational behavior and human resources management, health policy, health care ethics, legal aspects of health care, population health, quality improvement, long-term care, health facility planning and design, and supply chain management.

In addition to a mix of required and elective courses from both schools, you must participate in a 10-week summer internship, a required capstone course at Sloan and an opportunity to take an immersion learning sequence at Johnson.

Armed with a strong foundation in general management with specialized knowledge of health care, you will enter the job market with a distinct edge.

Eligibility Criteria

Students in the dual MHA/MBA program must be separately admitted to the Sloan Program and to Johnson. Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other. The application process is highly selective and approximately 2-4 highly qualified students will be admitted to the dual program each year. Competitive applicants score above the 80th percentile on the GRE or GMAT and have a GPA of 3.50 or greater.

The Sloan Program has a commitment to advancing diversity, inclusion, access, equity, and excellence in graduate education. Our admissions committee is focused on making graduate study at Cornell more accessible to all students, but especially to those identifying with backgrounds historically underrepresented in graduate education. All applications are welcome.

Students who are interested in applying to the dual MHA/MBA program should send Dr. Julie Carmalt, Sloan Program Associate Director, a resume and brief introduction that includes information about their undergraduate GPA and GRE or GMAT scores to discuss eligibility.

Who should apply the dual MHA/MBA program?

Applicants with work experience: Highly qualified applicants with 3-4 years of full time work experience (not necessarily in health care) will be well-positioned to enter either the MBA or MHA job markets. Competitive applicants have a GMAT or GRE score above the 80th percentile and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Applicants without work experience: The dual MHA/MBA program is appropriate for highly qualified students who are interested in gaining a competitive advantage on the MHA job market only (the MBA job market requires work experience). Applicants must have performed in the top 5% of their undergraduate class, above the 80th percentile on the GRE or GMAT, have demonstrated leadership, and some healthcare experience. Important note: The dual degree begins in early May each year thus, undergraduate seniors applying to the dual degree program must graduate with their Bachelor’s degree prior to beginning the summer immersion at Johnson (prior to May 1).