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Alumni and Friends

Get Involved

Our alumni remain an integral part of the CIPA community and that’s exactly how we like it. Many utilize our career services as they navigate career transitions post-CIPA, and we’re happy to help.

A large percentage of our graduates feel connected to CIPA on a personal level. They regularly drop by our offices when they’re in town and send holiday and year-end cards to update us on their careers and share news of their growing families.

Professional engagement with CIPA is another means for alumni to maintain their connection to the program. We host annual alumni events in Washington, DC and New York City, which are open to any alumni who happen to be in the area. Alumni also serve on panels at CIPA networking events for current and prospective students in New York and Washington, DC. Each year a number of alumni also return to campus to offer colloquium and/or roundtable talks to students.

Here are some of the ways you can reach out and give back

Make a Gift

The teaching and research at CIPA are unsurpassed. But maintaining excellence requires funding. Alumni support plays a crucial role in ensuring that we can sustain and enhance the quality of CIPA’s programming, as well as the overall competitiveness of our MPA.

Stay involved by making your gift. You may give online using a credit or debit card. Alternatively, you may call us at 1-800-279-3099 to make a gift, or mail a check to:

Cornell University
P.O. Box 37334
Boone, IA 50037

If you wish to identify a particular fund to support, you may choose from one of the following three:

CIPA Annual Fund
Support for our Annual Fund goes to support CIPA’s operating budget, allowing us to be nimble and responsive to the emerging needs of our students. Contributions enable us to pursue a wide range of programming to enhance the CIPA student experience and to facilitate broader alumni engagement. The Annual Fund has historically allowed CIPA the flexibility to seize unforeseen opportunities. These include supporting university-wide events such as Educate the Vote, developing government partnerships (Costa Rica, Panama, South Korea), and hiring new instructors.

CIPA Financial Aid
The CIPA Student Aid Fund addresses the immediate and urgent need for scholarship dollars to support the best and brightest students. CIPA does not currently have any endowed scholarship funds and building an endowment will take time. The opportunity to attract and enroll the highest caliber of students is now.

CIPA Capstone and Internships
Without the ability to offer enrichment opportunities at an affordable cost, CIPA simply cannot recruit stellar MPA candidates. By helping us increase the amount of assistance for students to engage in Capstone projects and internships, you help level the playing field and give students the space to choose the experience that is right for them, not just the one that they find most affordable.

Volunteer to Support Recruitment and Fundraising Efforts

Prospective students are always eager to connect with our alumni. We are seeking volunteers to attend graduate school fairs, meet with prospective students at local universities, and reach out to prospects via phone or e-mail. Our Fundraising subcommittee also needs assistance with their efforts.

If you are interested in helping in either of these ways, please email CIPA (

CIPA Advisory Council

The CIPA Advisory Council (CIPAC) is the organization charged with providing advice and support to the MPA program so that it meets its educational and outreach objectives.

CIPAC members are appointed by CIPA Administration to guide the strategic direction of the MPA program and to represent the interests of the broader alumni community to leadership in both CIPA and the College of Human Ecology. Members serve for a term of three years for up to two consecutive terms. The Council meets twice a year, including at least one in-person annual meeting in Ithaca, New York City, Washington, DC, or another major city.

Join a CIPA Advisory Sub-Committee

You may be interested in serving CIPA as a member of one of the sub-committees, which report to the CIPA Advisory Council. These committees recommend resources to meet the program’s goals, offer advice on the student experience, and engage alumni on such issues as professional development and fundraising.

Participate in a Colloquium

If you are mid-career professional or a leader in your field with experiences or stories to share, you may be interested in participating in a CIPA Colloquium.

Colloquium is a speaker series that allows students to participate in workshops, discussions and panels with industry leaders. These sessions give students an opportunity to network with distinguished practitioners and scholars, to further examine their own career goals, and to consider challenges that industry leaders face.

Please contact CIPA Executive Director Thomas O’Toole ( if you would like to lead or participate in a Colloquium. The experience will be rewarding to you and to students who will soon be entering the job market.