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Cornell University Cornell Brooks Public Policy

Full-Time Faculty


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The impact of pharmaceutical advertising on the health-related behavior of individuals, the impact of warning labels on e-cigarette products on vaping behavior and risk perceptions

Stephen B. and Janice G. Ashley Professor

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applied economics, international and development economics and policy, food and agricultural economics, environmental, energy, and resource economics and policy, emerging markets

Inaugural Dean

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Mental health, addiction, and gun violence

Associate Professor

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democratic institutions including legislatures and political rights, ideas and ideologies of democracy, race, and racism

Assistant Professor

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public finance, behavioral economics, labor economics, urban economics and economics of education

Assistant Professor

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industrial organization of health care, health insurance market design, supply-side health care regulation, economics of pharmaceutical markets

Senior Lecturer; Associate Director, Sloan Program

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Professor; Director of Cornell in Washington

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economics, health economics, health policy, public policy, obesity

Assistant Professor

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labor economics, urban economics, economics of crime, economic history, race and public policy