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Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner

Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner

Senior Lecturer | @becajmb

Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner has held multiple roles translating values into practice and policy. She works with communities to reduce vulnerability and build resilience and has several projects underway.

Professor Morgenstern Brenner believes that by understanding shared goals and bridging disparate disciplines we can find common ground and build effective policy for a sustainable future. 

She is an Atkinson Sustainable Future Faculty Fellow, an Engaged Cornell Faculty Fellow, and a Maurio Einaudi Faculty Associate and part of the Working Group on Disasters.

She also serves as co-lead for the FEMA Higher Education Service-Learning and Leadership Special Interest Group and she is the MPA Program Academic Advising Coordinator. Professor Morgenstern Brenner has built a competition program for Brooks students, developing teams for NASPAA and World Government Summit events. 

She has received the Town Gown Award and the Women’s Leadership Award as selected by the Cornell Women’s Resource Center.

Professor Morgenstern Brenner earned her undergraduate degree at Emory and her master’s degree at Columbia.