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Danielle Eiseman

Danielle Eismane infront of white backdrop

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Danielle Eiseman is an expert in pro-environmental behavior change and outreach. Danielle has worked in international climate and energy policy for over 15 years, with experience in public engagement, climate literacy, and sustainable marketing. Danielle’s current research is focused on modeling climate impacts on the local food system and how food access is affected. She is also the leader of the Tompkins County Manufactured Housing Working Group, where she is working with local policymakers to address climate risk and vulnerability among manufactured housing residents. Danielle is also co-PI on the Layers of Life ice cream project, which uses ice cream to explore how food might spark public curiosity in science and climate change.

Danielle has represented Cornell at the United Nations Conference of Parties 23 in Bonn, Germany, COP 24 in Katowice, Poland, the Subsidiary Body Meeting (SB50) in Bonn, Germany, and the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture Annual forum at the FAO in Rome, Italy. Danielle also serves as a communications specialist for the Cornell Emergent Climate Risk Lab and has led the development of a risk communication training program for New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.

Eiseman received her Ph.D. from Heriot-Watt University in Consumer Behaviour and Sustainability. She received her MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh and an MS in Economics from DePaul University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Miami University.

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