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Matt Hall Named CIPA Director

Portrait of Matt Hall
December 2, 2021

By Sarah Louise Schupp | December 2, 2021
In Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Matt Hall, a Professor of Public Policy and Sociology in the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy has been named the new Director of CIPA. He began a three-year term on December 1.

Along with his role in the Brooks School, he is also the Director of the Cornell Population Center and Director of the Cornell Program of Applied Demographics.  Hall has been closely involved with CIPA for years as a Faculty Advisory Board member, instructed classes in the program, held joint colloquia events, and advised MPA students.

Matt Hall has a Ph.D. in Sociology & Demography from Pennsylvania State University. He was an assistant professor of sociology and public policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago before joining Cornell as a faculty member in the Department of Policy Analysis & Management in 2012.

Professor Hall is a demographer whose research focuses on immigration, racial/ethnic diversity, and demographic methods.

He has contributed to research assessing the economic and social impacts of unauthorized migration, the emergence of Latino boom towns and other new destination areas where immigration has been recent and rapid, and the changing nature of race relations and segregation in housing and neighborhoods.

Some of Hall’s current research projects are focused on understanding the consequences of intensified immigration enforcement, the link between immigration status and child development, describing patterns of racial discrimination in US housing markets, and the development of data science tools for population projections.

Hall teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in demography, immigration policy, and statistics.

He also co-leads a course with Professor Maria Fitzpatrick for underserved high schoolers in New York, Florida, and Michigan through a collaboration with eCornell, the School of Continuing Education (SCE), and the nonprofit National Education Equity Lab (NEEL). In the “Big Data for Big Policy Problems” course, students explore pressing policy issues such as income inequality, racial justice, and climate change through economic and sociological lenses, while also developing basic tools of data science.

“I am thrilled to step into this new role and work more closely with the exceptional students, staff, and faculty in CIPA,” says Hall. “It is an exciting time for public policy at Cornell and CIPA is right at the center of these new programs and initiatives.”

Colleen Barry, inaugural dean of the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, announced Hall’s new role on Monday, November 15. “I’m excited that Matt Hall has agreed to take on the role of CIPA Director,” Barry said. “Matt has been closely involved with CIPA for years and brings thoughtful dedicated new leadership to the program at this exciting time for the Brooks School and CIPA.”

Thomas O’Toole, CIPA’s Executive Director, adds, “Matt is a longtime friend of CIPA who has played an active role in shaping the academic direction of the program as a Faculty Advisory Board Member. His work on understanding the intersections of public policy and social justice is very much aligned with the interests of CIPA students, and I truly look forward to working with him.”

CIPA’s immediate past director, Maria Fitzpatrick, was recently appointed as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the Brooks School. In this role, Fitzpatrick will continue working with the leadership team of the CIPA to support the program and the other Brooks School academic offerings.