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Immigration: A Critical and Informed Analysis

This panel will bring together Cornell experts and practitioners in the field of immigration.  An interdisciplinary group of scholars will discuss the racialized history of immigration in the United States, the contemporary role of immigration status for driving inequality, and the devastating role of war in displacing migrants.  We will also consider the role of praxis for upholding both the rights of migrants and the right to stay home.  We will hear from a team of legal advocates engaged in immigrant defense, as well as a scholar activist focused on building transnational solidarities. Together these perspectives will offer an informed and critical corrective to the contemporary debates on immigration in the United States and beyond. 

María Cristina García 
H. A. Newman Professor of American Studies, Department of History, and Director, Latino Studies Program
“Immigration Myths: Are Today’s Immigrants All that Different from Your Immigrant Ancestors?”

Matt Hall 
Professor of Public Policy and Sociology and Director, Cornell Population Center
“(Un)authorized Precarity: How Immigration Status Drives Inequality”

Saida Hodžić  
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
“War, Displacement, and the Death of Human Rights”

Cornell Immigration Law & Advocacy Clinic
“The Racialized Injustices Facing Immigrant Defense”

Emina Bužinkić 
AGITATE! Unsettling Knowledges Editorial Collective and the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) – Zagreb, Croatia
“Countering Politics of Death & Erasure: People's Tribunal & Migrant Justice”

Shannon Gleeson (Moderator)
Edmund Ezra Day Professor, Chair of the Department of Global Labor & Work, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and Brooks School of Public Policy

Co-sponsored by the Cornell Population Center, the ILR School, and the Cornell Law School Chapter, National Lawyers’ Guild.

Refreshments will be served

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Start Date: April 16, 2024
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Cornell University