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Health Care Policy

Health Care & Policy (HCP) is a multidisciplinary social science-based major that provides students in-depth training in health policy analysis and allows interested students a path to build a strong foundation in natural sciences. Students learn to integrate analytical thinking, research and data analysis skills. HCP majors employ theories and methods from economics and demography to analyze health care and policy. Students apply theories designed to explain the development of government policies addressing health care and health outcomes. Students also learn how the private health care system interacts with the public sector to affect health. HCP is a unique major that aims to bridge the gap between policy and health professions, differing from other health oriented majors on campus.

HCP students are strongly encouraged to incorporate a significant experiential component into their course of study. The HCP requirements provide all students with a strong foundation in natural sciences while allowing some flexibility in course selection to pursue either: a standard track; or a science-intensive track that includes course suggested to prepare for medical school and other health professional graduate programs.

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Please contact the Central Undergraduate Advising Team with any questions you have.
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Sharon Sassler
Lead Health Care Policy Advisor: Brandon Tripp
Undergraduate Advising Coordinator: Jen Wright