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Headshot of Dr. Sarah Kreps

Dr. Sarah Kreps


Sarah Kreps focuses on the intersection of international politics, technology, and national security. She is the John L. Wetherill Professor in the Department of Government, Adjunct Professor of Law, and the Director of the Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute. She has written five books, including, most recently, Social Media and International Relations. Other books include Taxing Wars: The American Way of War Finance and the Decline of DemocracyDrones: What Everyone Needs to KnowDrone Warfare; and Coalitions of Convenience: United States Military Interventions after the Cold War.

Headshot of Dr. James Patton Rogers

Dr. James Patton Rogers


James Patton Rogers is an expert on drone warfare, disruptive and emerging technologies, and the history of weaponry and war. He is currently the NATO Country Director of the Full Spectrum Drone Warfare project supported by NATO SPS and he provides overall strategic and operational leadership of the Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute.  An experienced policy adviser, James has addressed the United Nations Security Council and currently works with the UNOCT, UNCTC, and the UK Parliament as an expert adviser. Patton Rogers prioritizes policy impact and public dissemination from his academic research. He regularly writes for the Washington Post and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and he hosts the Warfare podcast with over 550,000 monthly listens in 180+ countries.