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Cornell University Cornell Brooks Public Policy

Undergraduate Funding Request

Award Eligibility 

We are excited to share the upcoming launch of the new Brooks School Student Opportunity Grants.  This donor-sponsored funding is designed to give Brooks School students additional access to unpaid opportunities in the field of public policy and public affairs.  

Brooks School Student Opportunity Grant Areas:

Race, Racism and Public Policy Grant:

Formed at this moment in history when the deaths of George Floyd and others have thrust a spotlight on police violence and other forms of structural racism, the Brooks School is dedicated to confronting the role of public policy in producing, perpetuating, and addressing racism and related forms of injustice—both in the past and the present.  While this goal will be supported and given priority through any of the funds listed below, we have also created this fund specifically to support students’ participation in research, service or engagement opportunities aimed at tackling systematic racism within the field of public policy or public affairs.

Research Grants:

Research experiences can be a transformative part of the academic experience, by allowing students to participate in the academic process of discovery and knowledge generation.  This fund is intended for research activities in the field of public policy or public affairs. Priority will be given to student-led research costs, such as data purchases for theses or independent study. Students may also request funding to work in unpaid research assistant positions on faculty projects.  Opportunities that focus on issues of race, racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged. Priority will be given for projects in any of the seven identified areas of priority for the Brooks School:  Data Science and Technology Policy; Global Security; Health Policy; Politics and Economics of Development; Race, Racism and Public Policy; Social Policy and Inequality; Sustainability and Environmental Policy. Support of a Brooks School faculty mentor is required to be eligible for the funds.

Unpaid Internship Grants:

Internships can provide deeper learning through the application of the Brooks curriculum, while making an impact on society. This fund is intended for students who without funding would otherwise be unable to participate in an unpaid internship.  The unpaid internship experience must be in the field of public policy or public affairs. Opportunities that focus on issues of race, racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged. In special circumstances, funding may be available for credit bearing programs.  Students may apply for funding before receiving the internship. Proof of internship receipt will be required for fund distribution.

Application and Eligibility: 

Any current undergraduate or professional master’s student enrolled in the Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy and in good academic standing is eligible to apply. Each funding opportunity will support multiple students across all programs. The total number of awards will depend on the size and nature of the requests.  Students are encouraged to keep budgets as small as possible while still allowing themselves opportunity to complete their goals.

Applicants are required to submit:

  • A 1–2-page proposal outlining how the funding will further your Brooks School studies and/or help you be successful in your professional life, describing how the proposed opportunity meets the funding purpose, and noting any specific details surrounding personal need for funding. Where applicable, please also describe how the proposed opportunity connects to the Brooks School’s goals in diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism.
  • A budgeting narrative, with a table outlining each expected expense and the total requested amount for the opportunity, as well as a brief summary of each expense and why it is justified. This should be 1 page maximum.
  • Your resume and a copy of your most current transcript.

Online applications are now open.  Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until May 30, 2022.


For questions, contact your appropriate program representative: 
Policy Analysis and Management or Health Care Policy Students – Jen Wright,