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Cornell University Cornell Brooks Public Policy

Undergraduate Student Advisory Council

The Brooks Undergraduate Student Advisory Council consists of sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students who are currently majoring in Policy Analysis and Management or Health Care Policy.  Council Members possess a strong sense of responsibility, ethics, and leadership and regularly demonstrate their commitment to inclusion, innovation, and furthering the study of policy analysis. The council includes students interested in a variety of related career fields, who are eager to work as an interdisciplinary team.  Council members serve as a voice for PAM and HCP students, relaying student wishes and desires regarding curriculum, advisement, and other department initiatives. They provide feedback to the Brooks Undergraduate Advising Coordinator and Director of Undergraduate Studies about common questions, concerns, or desires among PAM and HCP majors, including feedback on how to develop and maintain a sense of community among undergraduate students in the Brooks School.  Council members also serve as a resource for new students, answering questions about what it is like to be a PAM or HCP major interested in a specific career field, the process of finding internships or studying abroad. This may include serving on panels at events like orientation. Membership lasts for one academic year and then a call for new members will be sent to PAM and HCP majors each summer via e-mail.

Please email for questions/concerns.