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PhD Students

We feature a unique PhD program that allows students to be advised, mentored and funded by Brooks faculty whether the student is pursuing a PhD in Public Policy, Economics, or Sociology. Here is information about Brooks-funded PhD students in each of these areas:

PhD Students in the Field of Public Policy

Daphne Blakey

Research interests: Labor econ, incarceration, policing, poverty

Kyle Bunten

Research interests: economics of education, economics of crime, public economics

Helen Burkhardt

Research interests: inequality, occupational choice, and labor policy


Michael DalyMichael Daly

Research interests: health economics, labor economics, development

Ari Decter-Frain

Research interests: economic insecurity, computational demography, social media and elections

Qingli Fan

Research interests: health economics, health policy, aging, subjective well-being

Samantha GoldSamantha Gold

Research interests: health economics, behavioral economics, and environmental economics

Megan Hyland

Research interests: health economics, social insurance, long-term care


Kaya Jones in front of red backgroundKayla Jones

Research interests: education, consumer finance and public economics

Alicia Marquez

Research interests: applied microeconomics with applications to environmental and health policy

Anton MooreAnton Moore

Research interests: applied microeconomics, labor, crime, and education


Giulia OliveroGiulia Olivero

Research interests: education, immigration, family, labor economics

Tatiana Padilla

Research interests: intersectionality of migration experiences; socioeconomic outcomes resulting from changes in legal status; consequences of U.S. migration and immigration policy

Han Pham

Research interests: health, microeconomics, labor economics

Federico Raimondi Slepoi

Research interests: behavioral science, data science, and public policy

Shyam RamenShyam Raman

Research interests: health econ, econ of crime, environmental regulation

Nathan Robbins

Research interests: family policy, cross-national comparison, gendered division of labor, mixed methods

Katharine Sadowski

Research interests: labor econ, information science, educational interventions

Gabrielle Sorresso outsideGabrielle Sorresso

Research interests: inequality, gender, and behavioral economics

Yongxin Shang

Research interests: health inequality, family demography

Jenna Shelton

Research interests: Social inequity; family and youth policy; foster care and homelessness; mixed methods

Chloe Smith

Research Interests: applied econometrics with applications to labor, immigration, and criminal justice policy

Stephenson Strobel

Research interests: health economics, labour economics

Laura Sullivan

Research interests: poverty, safety net programs

Revathy Suryanarayana

Research interests: public economics, health economics, development

Meredith Welch

Research interests: labor economics, economics of education (higher education), social policy


Public Policy-based Ph.D. Students in the Field of Economics

Jacquline BlairJacquline Blair

Research interests: household finance, wealth inequality, financial literacy

Lexin Cai

Research interests: poverty, safety net programs, low-wage labor market

Matthew Comey

Research interests: public economics, labor economics, urban economics

Zihan Hu

Research interests: education, health, Labor economics, development economics

Martha Johnson

Hyewon Kim

Research interests: labor economics, public economics, family

Zongyang “Elmer” Li

Research interests: macroeconomics, labor economics, industry dynamics

Grace Phillips outsideGrace Phillips

Research interests: public economics, labor economics, and the economics of crime

David Wasser

Research interests: labor economics, public economics

Yaling Xu

Research interests: inequality, education, microeconomics, labor economics, behavioral economics

Sen Zeng

Research interests: health economics and industrial organization

Public Policy-based Ph.D. Students in the Field of Sociology

Erika Abbott

Research interests: social stratification


Lydia Homandberg

Research interests: social determinants of health/health inequities

Mary Beth Morrissey

Research interests: emotions and therapeutic culture, gender, intimate relationships, inequality