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Sloan Student Association

The Sloan Student Association (SSA), through social and education activities, serves as a vital link between students and others affiliated with the program, including faculty, administration and alumni.

SSA’s core functions are to facilitate community involvement, provide opportunities for professional development and help achieve national recognition of the Sloan program.

Off campus, the SSA provides volunteer opportunities for students to serve Ithaca and the local health care community.

Officers meet regularly with program administration, attend Sloan Alumni Association board meetings, lead the Sloan American College of Healthcare Executives student chapter, help plan the colloquia series, and advocate on behalf of the program and its students.

Meet our Officers

Blake Crawford | President

A born and raised Texan and member of the Sloan Class of 2022, Blake serves as the current President of the Sloan Student Association. Prior to Sloan, Blake received his B.S. in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University with a wealth of leadership exposure from student organizations and the Coaching Academy – creating athletic leadership development for high-school coaches and veterans throughout the state. Before becoming the head administrator of Texas A&M’s sports medicine and human performance research institute, Blake gained experience in hospitality while working up the ranks to become the Front Office Manager at a Hyatt hotel property – an accumulation of experiences that led him to find his passion at the intersection of healthcare and hospitality.

He spent his summer at Mayo Clinic’s flagship hospital in Rochester, MN as part of the Administrative Internship Program working in critical care. Blake enjoys most things outdoors, golf, and Tex-Mex, and is excited to lead SSA’s strategic vision while helping other E-board members thrive in their roles.

Corinne Gambacurta | Vice President of Finance

Corinne Gambacurta is a native Upstate New Yorker, hailing from the Adirondack Mountains. In May of 2020, Corinne completed her Bachelor’s at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She works part-time remotely as a financial analyst/auditor at The Jackson Law Firm, specializing in financial disclosure reports for federal judge clients. Her most recent leadership experiences include serving as the Vice President of Finance for The Panhellenic Association and as the Director of Financial Affairs for student government. She has five years’ experience in managing all financial operations for an organization, maintaining large budgets, and generating funding via strategic partnerships. Corinne spent her summer interning in the anesthesiology department of UF Shands Cancer Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. In her free time, Corinne enjoys visiting wineries, trying new foods, skiing, and spending time with her friends.
As VP of Finance, Corinne will support all functions of SSA through proper fund management. Creating a budget for planned events, coordinating with administrators and key stakeholders, and managing the SSA account is at the core of her duties. She is overjoyed to serve her student body and cannot wait to meet the Sloan class of 2023.

Isabella Harnick | Colloquium Chair

Bella is an accelerated BS/MHA student in Cornell University’s Sloan Program in Healthcare Administration. She is dedicated to thinking of innovative solutions in order to improve the U.S. healthcare system, and her problem solving mindset has developed through multiple different opportunities: She has placed as a finalist in the Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge, served as the Director of Healthcare Policy for the Roosevelt Institute, worked at Merck in the Office of Patient Innovation and Engagement, and participated in the Mayo Clinic Administrative Internship Program this past summer. All of these past experiences have made clear to her that the healthcare space is her passion—with the goals of improving the patient experience and inspiring patient engagement at the very center. Bella is looking forward to serving the Cornell Community at large through the role of GPSA Executive Vice President in order to advocate for the needs of all graduate students. As Colloquium Chair. Bella is excited to bring in a set of speakers that represent the broad diversity of the healthcare industry and the endless realm of professional opportunities available to Sloan’s future healthcare leaders. Bella loves Ithaca and exploring all that upstate New York has to offer, so feel free to reach out to her for recommendations on where to explore!

Emma Antoine | Vice President of Recruitment

Emma is an accelerated BS/MHA student in the Sloan Program with a concentrated focus in consulting and strategy. She plans to accelerate the delivery of actionable insights to frontline decision-makers across research and development, medical care, and commercialization by leveraging real world evidence and clinical trial data. Last summer (2021), she participated in both the Launch Internship sequence at Medidata Solutions, Acorn AI as a Product Manager and participated in a Weill Cornell Medicine – Physician’s Organization Administrative Internship under the department of Population Sciences. As the VP of Recruitment, Emma will ensure that incoming 1st years effectively transition to graduate school and will work with program administration to increase on campus and national ‘Sloan’ awareness. In addition, she will aid in planning and conducting webinars, engaging with prospective students, connecting with alumni, and hosting networking opportunities. Emma is originally from San Diego, CA and enjoys hiking in La Jolla and golfing along the Monterey Peninsula.

Milind Damani | Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Milind Damani is the VP of Corporate Affairs and a member of the Sloan Program Class of 2022. Milind earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a Concentration in Systems Physiology from San Jose State University in 2018. With a pre-medical background, Milind gained significant clinical experience shadowing physicians at Kaiser Permanente and research experience working in his undergraduate Neurophysiology lab for 4 years. Upon graduating, he was able to translate his experiences into a full-time Research Associate role within the Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical industry for 2 years. Here, he worked for two companies – a Gene-therapy company called Circuit Therapeutics and a Cell & Gene-therapy company called Ambys Medicines.
After joining the Sloan program, Milind spent this past summer completing his administrative internship with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) at East and McKeesport. In his free time, Milind enjoys traveling, eating new foods, watching movies, playing sports, and socializing with his friends.
As VP of Corporate Affairs, Milind aims to bring Corporate Briefings (CB) to Sloan to help connect students with recruiting and networking opportunities. At the foremost, Milind hopes to serve as one of the Sloan leaders that will help the program evolve in all facets from professional development, alumni networking, and recruiting.

Anna Rutherford | Vice President of Internal Affairs

Anna is the current VP of Internal Affairs and Sloan Class of 22. She graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2018 with a degree in psychology and has a clinical research background in early-childhood preventive behavioral interventions. She spent two years after school working in Dallas in the hospital administration arena, first with North Central Surgical Center then Methodist Charlston. Her interests lie in expanding access to and integrating mental health care into traditional care models. She spent her summer interning for University of Utah Health’s Huntsman Mental Health Institute in Salt Lake City. In her free time, she enjoys being active, reading, and cooking dinners for her friends and family. As the VP of Internal Affairs, she hopes to create opportunities for Sloan students to bond and create memorable experiences together.

Zuzanna Izdebska | Vice President of Community Service

Zuzanna serves as the Sloan Student Association VP of Community Service. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the College of Charleston in 2017. Prior to joining the Sloan Program, Zuzanna worked as a patient care technician at Virginia Hospital Center, a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. This experience led her to seek out quality improvement processes in order to improve patient satisfaction levels. This past summer, Zuzanna completed her administrative internship in the Nursing and Patient Care Services Department at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. In her free time, Zuzanna enjoys baking, doing jigsaw puzzles, and exploring antique shops. As the VP of Community Service, Zuzanna hopes to facilitate meaningful volunteer opportunities for Sloan students in order to create strong partnerships and benefit community-based organizations in Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Marika Xifaras | Vice President of Operations

Mika is the current VP of Operations and a member of the Class of 2022. Prior to joining the Sloan family, she received her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a concentration in Global Health Studies from Bryn Mawr College in 2018. Mika’s path to the Sloan Program has been a non-traditional one. Originally intending to pursue a career in academia, she worked as an admissions counselor at her alma mater for two years after receiving her bachelor’s degree. Before that she gained experience across many industries, including civil rights law, for-profit cosmetics, and education. Considering Mika’s penchant for working in a variety of fields and projects, it is unsurprising that her Sloan summer internship was with Deloitte Consulting as a Healthcare Summer Associate in the New York City office. Mika is interested in senior living and access to high quality care, particularly for seniors who lack economic resources, community support, and healthcare literacy. In her free time she enjoys attending community events, listening to history and culture podcasts, and spoiling other people’s pets.
As the VP of Operations, Mika facilitates strengthening the relationship between the SSA and other Sloan and non-Sloan clubs. She aids clubs in event planning, maintains the Sloan calendar, and supports the other SSA executive board members in their responsibilities. Mika also co-sponsors the SSA Sloan Student Ambassador Committee with Emma Antoine, the current VP of Recruitment.