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2019 Sloan Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Jay Yedvab ’62

During his career of 40 years, Jay Yedvab served as an administrator in health care facilities and hospitals across the United States and Canada. This includes roles as CEO of Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco and Bergen Pine County Hospital in New Jersey, and the position of Administrator of the Baycrest Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree from Alfred University, he worked as a lab technician in Syracuse.

In 1960, he applied to the Sloan Program where he earned a Master’s of Public Affairs in 1962. He was a member of the fourth graduating class and a founder of the Sloan Alumni Association. At Cornell, he learned that he loved the challenge of managing health care facilities – which he considers the most complex organizations in the world.

Yedvab continues to be actively involved in the support of the Sloan Program, its students, alumni, and on-going academic mission – manifesting in a variety of impactful ways. This includes serving in leadership positions on the Sloan Alumni Association Board, mentoring dozens of Sloan students, and helping Sloan graduates navigate the early stages of their career through internships and hires.

Further, Yedvab gives annually to the Sloan Program through donations to the Alumni Scholarship and Student Aid. Recently, he provided further contributions in addition to his annual giving, including funding the Jay Okun Yedvab Meeting Room in the Sloan Suite over the next five years, as well as organizing the Yedvab Prize, the annual capstone award for second year Sloan students.

Outside of his service to the Sloan Program, Yedvab has also provided scholarships to Alfred University, and serves on the Consent & Capacity Board and the St. Alban’s Boys & Girls Club Board. His son, Josh, attended the program as well and met his wife, Lauren, also a Sloan student, while at Cornell. They both completed their MHA from Sloan in ‘94.