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Real World Learning

You will be immersed in the health care industry through the required summer internship; a year long culminating capstone project; short, specialized courses taught by health care executives; career counseling and professional development from four executives-in-residence; January trips to New York City and Washington. D.C.; and guest speakers in the colloquium series.

Summer Internships

You will undertake a 10-week summer internship, usually paid, after you complete the first year of the program. The internships allow you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real projects at a health care organization. You can expect to return to the campus with a deeper understanding of the rewards and challenges in the field, as well as a renewed focus and motivation for your second year. You may even return to campus with an offer for a full-time job.

Summer Internships


You will participate in workshops that teach you such skills as negotiating, leading important discussions, résumé construction, behavioral and case interviewing, networking, and writing a business plan for a startup or a practice in an established company.

Practitioner-Led Intensive Courses (PLICS)

Nancy Schlichting holding bookSloan offers at least eight Practitioner-Led Intensive courses (PLICs) per year. PLICs are one- or two-credit weekend courses taught by experienced health care executives that allow students to develop expertise in a special topic or skill.

Explore Practitioner-Led Intensive Courses



Arnaub Chatterjee, Sloan '07, CIPA '08

“The era of big data is well on its way — 92% of the world’s data were created in the last two years. While it is clear that the massive digitization of information will affect health care profoundly, there are many unanswered questions about how to use these data in a practical and useful way. In the Big Data PLIC, I help students think critically about the evolving ecosystem of organizations developing big data solutions and to draw insights from real-world case studies to shed light on how data and technology are being used to transform care.”

-Arnaub Chatterjee, Sloan ’07 | CIPA ’08


In January, the entire class heads to Washington, DC, or New York City. These trips allow students to gain first-hand exposure to management issues (in NYC) and policy issues (in DC) by interacting with policy makers, health advocacy groups, and health system leaders and clinicians.

Learning trips

National Experts Teach Specialized Courses

One of the most appealing features of Cornell University and the Sloan Program in Health Administration is the opportunity to take courses from colleges, programs and departments campus-wide.

Faculty Profiles