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Cornell University Cornell Brooks Public Policy

EMPA Faculty Listing

  • Rebecca Morganstern Brenner
    Senior Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Derek Cabrera
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Laura Cabrera
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Rebecca Darling
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Maria Fitzpatrick
    Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
  • R. Richard Geddes
    Professor of Policy Analysis and Management; Director, Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy
  • Joe Grasso
    Lecturer, MPA Program; Associate Dean for Finance, Administration, and Corporate Relations, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Seth Harris
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Daniel Lamb
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Daniel Manne
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • John Mathiason
    Adjunct Professor, MPA Program
  • Laurie Miller
    Associate Director for Engaged Learning, MPA Program
  • R. Mark Musell
    Lecturer, MPA Program
  • Thomas O’Toole
    Executive Director, MPA Program
  • Ning Su
    Visiting Associate Professor, MPA Program
  • John Tobin
    Professor of Practice, MPA Program and Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management