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Housing and Dining


Graduate students have many university and off-campus housing options. About 11 percent of graduate students live in university housing. The largest residence is Hasbrouck Apartments, which has 338 units for 705 residents. Hasbrouck is a 10-minute walk from the central campus and is served by frequent bus shuttles. The Housing Office assigns housing on a first-come, first-served basis, so placing your request early is advisable.

Most graduate students live in the Ithaca area in residences that are not owned by the university. You may choose from apartment complexes, multi-family houses, single-unit houses, room rentals and other housing. Many are within walking distance of the campus, although having a car will allow easier access to shopping and other area services. You might want to review a description of Ithaca’s neighborhoods before choosing a residence. As with university housing, it is best to look for off-campus housing early.


Cornell has a reputation for offering one of the best university dining experiences in the nation. The Cornell Dining website describes the available meal plans and lists all the dining facilities and other non-affiliated dining possibilities on campus.

When you are interested in sampling the local fare, you will have plenty to choose from — Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York City.