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Cornell University Cornell Brooks Public Policy

Complementary/Dual Degree Programs

Complementary Degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Health (MPH), and Juris Doctor (JD)

Applicants who wish to pursue a Cornell MBA, MPH, or JD along with their MPA degree may work out a complementary program of study if they apply to and are accepted by both programs. Fellows may then apply up to twelve credits of the complementary professional degree program (MBA, MPH, or JD) toward their MPA. Applicants to CIPA who have already completed a Cornell MBA, MPH, or JD may apply up to twelve credits from their other degree program toward the MPA degree if these are appropriate for an MPA course of study.

Pursuing these options may reduce the time toward degree completion by approximately one semester. Applicants should plan on meeting with the CIPA Director of Graduate Studies to discuss which credits from the MBA, MPH, or JD would be transferable to the MPA program. Please contact the CIPA Office at 607-255-8018 or to set up an appointment.

Dual Degree Program: MPA/MHA

A dual MPA/MHA program is available for students enrolled at CIPA and the Sloan Program in Health Administration. This option enables students to complete both degrees in three years while eliminating duplicate coursework. Students must apply and be accepted to both programs (admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other). The goal of this dual degree program is to enable students to combine training in public administration with training and management tools and their applications to health administration and of the organization of the health care sector, health policy and the tools of public health.

This is a three-year, 90 credit program. Students spend their first year at CIPA and begin taking courses at the Sloan Program in the second year, while also continuing to take some CIPA courses. A CIPA internship occurs between the first and second year of study. A Sloan internship occurs between the second and third year of study. During their second year, students complete the CIPA Capstone course and in their third year, students complete all elective requirements and the Sloan Capstone course. During the second and third years, all students are required to attend the Sloan colloquium series each semester, a program which brings leading industry practitioners to campus. They must also participate in related field trips. Approval by Sloan is required for all courses counting towards Sloan elective credits. Approval by CIPA is required for all courses counting towards CIPA elective credits. Students are assigned advisors in both programs at the time of matriculation; these advisors will continue to advise students throughout their time at their respective programs.