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Change Superhero – Kamillah Knight ’13, MPA ’15

Portrait Kamillah Knight sitting on the ground
July 5, 2020

By Sarah Louise Schupp
In Alumni, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Fresh from the Hill: Inside Stories of Noteworthy Cornellians is a podcast created by the Cornell Alumni Association and offers an inside look into the lives of recent graduates. Each episode explores the lives of noteworthy Cornellians and the role Cornell played in their professional and personal lives. Kamillah Knight ’13, MPA ’15 was featured in the Fresh From The Hill episode called “Change Superhero.”

Episode Description:

“Diversity. Inclusion. Sustainability. What do they really mean and how do they intersect? Listen in as we chat with Kamillah Knight ’13, MPA ’15 about her goal to change the way people look at and interact with the environment. As a leader at Unilever, Kamillah advocates for corporate responsibility and credits her time at Cornell for turning a passion into a career.”

Listen to the full episode and subscribe to the podcast here.

“I fell in love with, honestly, the diversity of all the students, because I truly do believe that you should learn not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom. And I remember telling my mom right then this is the school I’m going to go to.”

-Kamillah Knight

Listen to Change Superhero – Kamillah Knight ’13, MPA ’15

In this clip (and starting at 14:00), Knight discusses why she chose:

  • to continue her studies with a Cornell MPA,
  • participate in the Sustainable Global Enterprise cohort, and
  • augment her degree with the Environmental Finance and Impact Investing (EFII) graduate certificate

Learn more about Knight’s Cornell experience, career, and how she stays involved as an alumni volunteer in the full episode here:

Fresh From The Hill: Inside Stories of Noteworthy Cornellians:

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Fresh From The Hill Credits:

  • Hosted by BJ Siasoco ’07.
  • Created and produced by Amanda Massa.
  • Music is by Kia Albertson-Rogers ’13
  • Artwork by Chris Kelly

*The views expressed by Fresh from the Hill hosts and guests do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Cornell University.