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Past VERB Seminars

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Past keynote recordings

Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Schedule
Date Presenter Title Institution Paper Title
2022-02-21 Darwin Cortes Professor Universidad del Rosario, Colombia Contraception, Intrahousehold Behaviour and Epidemic: Evidence from the Zika Virus epidemic in Colombia
2022-03-07 Michael French Professor University of Miami, USA Risky Behaviors and Traffic Fatalities
2022-03-21 Meltem Daysal Associate Professor University of Copenhagen, Denmark Do antidepressants improve academic achievement?
2022-04-04 Markus Gehrsitz Senior Lecturer in Economics University of Strathclyde, Scotland Does a Spoonful of Sugar Levy Help the Calories Go Down? An Analysis of the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy (with Alex Dickson and Jonathan Kemp)
2022-04-25 Michele Belot Professor Cornell University, USA Economics of dietary habits
2022-05-02 Rosalie Pacula Professor University of Southern California, USA The Impact of Recreational Cannabis Laws on Cannabis Related Health Encounters in Colorado (view Prof. Pacula’s recording here)
2022-05-16 Erdal Tekin Professor American University, USA Random Incidents of Gun Violence and Wellbeing of Individuals and Communities
2022-05-30 Ludovica Giua Assistant Professor University of Cagliari, Italy Intimate partner violence and help-seeking: The role of femicide news

Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Schedule
Date Presenter Title Institution Paper Title
2021-09-20 Anandi Mani Professor Oxford University, UK Stigma, Discrimination and Self-Image: Evidence from Kolkata Brothels
2021-10-04 Scott Cunningham Professor Baylor University, USA Mental Illness, Social Workers and Suicidality in Jail
2021-10-18 Ashley Bradford Ph.D. Student Indiana University, USA City Nuisance Property Ordinances and Drug Mortality
2021-10-25 Kitt Carpenter Professor Vanderbilt University, USA An Overview of LGBTQ Health Economics
View Prof. Carpenter’s Recording Here
View Prof. Carpenter’s PowerPoint slides
2021-11-01 Jorge Aguero Associate Professor University of Connecticut, USA Big Sisters and Risky Sexual Behaviors
2021-11-08 Arantxa Colchero Associate Professor National Institute of Public Health, Mexico The economics of nutrition in Mexico: the case of taxes
View Prof. Colchero’s Recording Here
2021-11-15 Fabrice Etile Professor Paris School of Economics, France Effects of alcohol price policies on alcohol markets and cancer incidence in France
2021-11-22 Diarmaid O Ceallaigh Ph.D. Candidate Erasmus School of Economics, the Netherlands Skipping your workout, again? Measuring and understanding time inconsistency in physical activity
2021-11-29 Cecilia Noboa Ph.D. Candidate Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay Nudging healthy food choices

Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Schedule
Date Presenter Title Institution Paper Title
2021-02-01 Manisha Shah Professor University of California, Los Angeles Regulating Sex Markets: Lessons Learned and Policy Implications
View Prof. Shah’s Recording Here
View Prof. Shah’s PowerPoint slides
2020-02-08 Ben Harrell Ph.D. candidate Georgia State Public Health Insurance and Prescription Medications for Sexually Transmitted Infections
2021-02-15 Karen Ugarte Bravo Ph.D. candidate McMaster University The Impact of Mandatory Universal Pharmaceutical Insurance on Prescription Opioid Use: Evidence from Canada
2021-02-22 Cass Sunstein Robert Walmsley University Professor Harvard Law School FEAST: A Framework for Behavioral Change
View Prof. Sunstein’s Recording Here
2021-03-01 Nano Barahona Ph.D. candidate Stanford University Equilibrium Effects of Food Labeling Policies
2021-03-08 Catherine Maclean Associate Professor Temple University Economic Studies on the Opioid Crisis: A Review
View Prof. Maclean’s Recording Here
View Prof. Maclean’s PowerPoint slides Here
2021-03-15 Alexander Ahammer Assistant Professor Johannes Kepler University Minimum Legal Drinking Age and the Social Gradient in Binge Drinking
2021-03-22 Davide Dragone Associate Professor University of Bologna Theoretical models of risky health behaviors
View Prof. Dragone’s Recording Here
View Prof. Dragone’s Slides Here
2021-03-29 Melissa Spencer Ph.D. candidate University of Virginia Safer Sex? The Effect of AIDS Risk on Birth Rates
2021-04-05 Paul Gertler Professor University of California at Berkeley The Sweet Life: Long Term Consequences of a Sugar Rich Diet in Early Childhood
View Prof. Gertler’s Recording Here
2021-04-12 Christopher J. Ruhm Professor University of Virginia Understanding 21st Century Mortality Trends in the United States
View Prof. Ruhm’s Recording Here
View Prof. Ruhm’s Slides Here
2021-04-19 Jody Sindelar Professor Yale University Assessment of vaping control policies in the US
View Prof. Sindelar’s Recording Here
2021-04-26 Rhys Thomas Postdoctoral fellow University of Southampton The direct and spillover effects of diabetes diagnosis on health-related behaviours
2021-05-03 Anandi Mani Professor Oxford University Stigma, Discrimination and Self-Image: Evidence from Kolkata Brothels
2021-05-10 Emilio Gutierrez Professor ITAM Taxing to Reduce Obesity
2021-05-17 Ariel Zucker Postdoctoral fellow University of California at Berkeley Can price discrimination incentivize behavioral change? Evidence from a randomized field experiment
2021-05-24 Stephanie von Hinke Professor University of Bristol Genetic data and risky health behaviors
View Prof von Hinke’s Recording Here
2021-05-31 Tom Zohar Ph.D. candidate Stanford University Out of Labor and into the Labor Force? The Role of Abortion Access, Social Stigma, and Financial

Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Schedule
Date Presenter Institution Paper Title
2020-09-14 Pietro Biroli University of Zurich Genes, Pubs, and Drinks: Gene-environment interplay and alcohol licensing policy in the United Kingdom
2020-09-21 Eva Rye Johansen Aarhus University Relative Age for Grade and Adolescent Risky Health Behavior: Evidence on Abortions and Alcohol Poisonings
2020-09-28 Patricia Ritter University of Connecticut The Effect of Piped Water at Home on Childhood Overweight Rate. Experimental Evidence from Urban Morocco
2020-10-05 Mariana Gerstenbluth Universidad de la República Repugnant Warnings, Addiction, and Rational Choice
2020-10-12 Anne Burton Cornell University The Impact of Smoking Bans in Bars and Restaurants on Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, and Social Welfare
2020-10-19 Augustine Denteh Tulane University The Effect of SNAP on Obesity in the Presence of Endogenous Misreporting
2020-10-26 Mirjam Reutter European University Institute (EUI) The Morning After: Prescription-Free Access to Emergency Contraceptive Pills
2020-11-02 Claudio Deiana  University of Cagliari Opium Price Shocks and Prescription Opioids in the US
2020-11-09 Abby Alpert University of Pennsylvania Origins of the Opioid Crisis and Its Enduring Impacts
2020-11-16 Francesco Principe Erasmus School of Economics Health’s Kitchen: TV, Edutainment and Nutrition
2020-11-23 Eleonora Patacchini  Cornell University Dynamic Social Interactions and Health Risk Behavior
2020-11-30 Pablo Celhay Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile When a Strike Strikes Twice: Massive Student Mobilizations and Teenage Pregnancy in Chile
2020-12-7 Monica Deza Hunter College, City University of New York The Intergenerational Effects of the Vietnam Draft on Risky Behaviors
2020-12-14 Federico Crudu University of Siena Family Ties and Child Obesity in Italy