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Cornell Infrastructure Leadership Webinar Series

The Cornell Infrastructure Leadership Webinar Series features prominent thought leaders on the permitting, regulating, delivery, funding, financing and maintaining of infrastructure.

March 2, 2022: “Overview of the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub)”
Marie Lam-Frendo, Chief Executive Officer; Maud de Vautibault, Director of Infrastructure Knowledge and Leading Practices; Cinthya Pastor, Director of Economics

November 9, 2021: “Improving the Mexican Caribbean’s Digital Infrastructure
Michael Mahoney, Chief Technology Officer, Gignet, Inc.

April 6, 2021: “Agents of Change for Resilient Infrastructure
Professor Tom O’Rourke, CPIP Associate Director, Thomas R. Briggs Professor in Engineering Emeritus, Cornell University

February 23, 2021: “Infrastructure under the Biden Administration
Michael Likosky, Partner, Advantage Infrastructure Advisors