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Hyperloop technology has become one of the primary areas of interest for the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy. As quoted in the February 12, 2020 edition of Smart Cities Dive, “How hyperloop could stand apart from existing transit modes”, CPIP Academic Director Rick Geddes observed, “My excitement about the hyperloop really stems from the fact that I view it as a new mode of transportation. And transportation, if you stop and think about it, has not really had a new mode since the Wright brothers in 1904.”

Cornell Hyperloop

Cornell Hyperloop is an Engineering Student Project Team which was created to contribute to the development of Hyperloop technology. Specifically, the team is working to revolutionize transportation by developing a Hyperloop pod from conceptualization. The team’s goal is to participate in SpaceX’s annual Hyperloop competition. Dr. Richard Geddes is Faculty Co-Advisor, along with Dr. Zhiting Tian, from Cornell’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Hyperloop Advanced Research Project (HARP)

In 2017, Professor Geddes and other academics formed the Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) to act as a clearinghouse of Hyperloop public domain reports and data. Dr. Geddes remains on the Board of Trustees for the partnership.

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In December, 2020, HARP launched its first book, “Hyperloop – The Future of High Speed”.  Dr. Geddes wrote Chapter 6: “The Funding and Financing of a Hyperloop Network”.  Copies are being sold via Amazon and can be found here.











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