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Beyond the Wire: US Military Deployments and Host Country Public Opinion

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The United States stands at a crossroads in international security. The backbone of its international position for the last 70 years has been the massive network of overseas military deployments. However, the US now faces pressures to limit its overseas presence and spending.

Carla Martinez Machain's project argues that the US has entered into a "Domain of Competitive Consent" where the longevity of overseas deployments relies upon the buy-in from host-state populations and what other major powers offer in security guarantees. Drawing from three years of surveys and interviews across fourteen countries, it demonstrates that a key component of building support for the US mission is the service members themselves as they interact with local community members. Highlighting both the positive contact and economic benefits that flow from military deployments and the negative interactions like crime and anti-base protests, this project shows how US policy on the ground shapes its ability to advance its foreign policy goals.

About the Speaker

Carla Martínez Machain is a Professor of Political Science at the University at Buffalo. Her research (funded by the Department of Defense’s Minerva Initiative and the Army Research Office, among others) focuses on foreign policy analysis, with a focus on military policy and international conflict.  

Start Date: April 20, 2023
Start Time: 11:25 am
Location: Uris Hall